Graphic Porch - Performing songwriters and recording artist entertainers, Tupelo and Janey Kenyon are a contemporary folk-rock duo. These singer songwriters are both acoustic based multi-instrumentalist and excel at upbeat, positive, original songs by Tupelo Kenyon. Their music spans many genres including progressive folk, light rock, new country, Christian, instrumental, fingerpicking acoustic guitar, new age, meditative, novelty, ballads, duets, and love songs.
"Laughing Bird"

Enjoy the entertaining live performances as well as the moving recorded music of this husband and wife duo.

Tupe and Janey Wing Kenyon met in Kodiak Alaska in the mid-70’s and have been performing and recording together since 1978. They have traveled from Alaska to Guatemala, from Maine to Hawaii, and from California to Carolina, performing at fairs, festivals, universities, resorts, and community concerts.

Their music together spans 4 decades, all 50 states, many countries, and 11 albums. (So far!)

Laughing Bird’s show is a lively mix of original contemporary folk music with overtones of new country, bluegrass, and light acoustic rock.

At their performance, and on their recordings, you will hear orignal songs that will “wow” you, songs of the heart, and songs that make you laugh.

The overall affect is an informal, light-hearted, intimate experience to make you feel good.

Laughing Bird’s songs are carefully crafted to include compelling lyrics accompanied by accomplished acoustic musicianship. Tupe plays 6 and 12-string acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, percussion, keyboards, and harmonica. Janey plays mountain dulcimer, bass guitar and various percussion instruments. Tupe and Janey both obviously enjoy singing, and their songs feature tight harmony arrangements. Their show is spirited with surprises such as off-the-wall comedy, a nine-inch dancing clog doll, and even a little yodeling.

Tupe and Janey have recorded eleven albums through the years featuring their original songs. CD’s of their music are available at their performances and directly from this website. Click Here to go to the Secure Order Page.

Original, refreshing, and entertaining is a good description of Laughing Bird’s show, but their real magic is the warm, genuine, and unpretentious energy they project from the stage. That same uplifting energy oozes from their recordings and they seem to be dedicated to the idea behind their website. Indeed, some music matters. Tupe and Janey clearly love what they do, and it shows!

Relax with us, laugh with us, and enjoy the way Laughing Bird makes you feel.

Good tunes . . . Good Times!

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