Comments from Activities Directors

of RV Resorts about the

"Laughing Bird's show is clean, funny, exciting and different. We're so glad we booked them!"

- Harold Bjocklund, Sunburst Harlingen, TX

Laughing Bird

"The tenants LOVED the show. Laughing Bird was able to capture everyone's attention and keep them smiling all evening. They have the ability to treat everyone they meet as someone they have known forever. Their outgoing personalities are contagious. They are definitely two of the most talented people we have ever met, and given the opportunity, we would book them again without question." - Ken and Susan White, Activities Directors, Woody Acres Resort, Fulton, Texas

Laughing Bird

Music and Comedy

Show - TEXAS

Laughing Bird is fun

entertainment. They hold your attention - you laugh and

remember good times. The time is too short! - Mary Yocum,

Casa del Valle, Alamo, TX

"An excellent show -

well worth the money and more.

Laughing Bird plays their own music

instead of relying on a canned 'band in a box', and that's refreshing.

A real class act!

I expect for the 2005 season,

Laughing Bird will be

the hottest act in the Valley."

- Lew Fry, Activities Dir., Hidden Valley Ranch, Mission, Texas

"Dynamic, funny, and energetic. Wonderful people to work with -

a very different type of show." - Kathy Cavegh, Activities Director, Paradise Park, McAllen, Texas

"Very different from the typical Valley acts. Fast moving, very entertaining - their creativity is superb. Don't miss the red dress!" - Terry Heeter, Activities Director, Snow to Sun Park, Weslaco, TX

"Fabulous show! Such high energy.

Real crowd pleasers.

Definitely will re-book. Many positive comments from the audience such as, 'We can't wait to go tell people: You should have been there -

you missed it!'" - Janie Bandaccari, Activities Director, Victoria Palms Resort, Donna, Texas

"Really different from anything else we've had here. Spontaneous, lots of originality and that is unusual. The jokes were great! Lots of enthusiastic comments from our guests." - Jay and Flora Waite, Activities Directors, Paradise Park, Harlingen, Texas

"Variety is the spice of life and Laughing Bird is very spicy!" - Betty Peters, Activity Director, Oleander Acres, Mission, TX

"Janey and Tupelo (Laughing Bird) was fantastic. Full of inspiration, energy and talent! You will laugh, be silent and want to sing along - all in one short night. We can't wait for them to return to share their talent with all of us again." - Cheryl Marshall, Gulf Waters RV Resort, Port Aransas, TX

"Laughing Bird's show was enjoyed by one of the largest crowds that we have ever had here in Pharr Paradise Park. I passed out questionaires and all returned very positive." - Del Briggs, Pharr, Texas

"Tupelo and Janey are true professionals, a high quality show, not contrived, a totally different program. We were all very pleased with Laughing Bird's most professional show."

- Peggy Bloom, Activities Director, Rio Valley Estates, Weslaco, Texas

Come relax with us, laugh with us, and enjoy the way Laughing Bird makes you feel.

Good Tunes . . . Good Times! Music . . . Laughter . . . Fun!

Tupelo and Janey Kenyon, PO Box 25, Story, WY 82842, 307-683-3451, 307-752-7090,

Comments continued about the

Laughing Bird

"If I could book only one show this year, I would book Laughing Bird...the very best of the best." - Judi Elliott, Southern Comfort RV Resort, Weslaco, TX

Laughing Bird

"Super positive,

high energy,

feel good show.

Perfect for our

appreciation dinner!"

Alma Zieger, Paul's RV Park, Brownsville, TX

Music and Comedy

Show - TEXAS

"Laughing Bird is totally unique. You never know what's going to happen next. Fast paced and quality musicianship. The time just flew by!" - Sharon Ridlon, Encore Sunburst Harlingen, TX

"Laughing, clapping, talking to their neighbor . . .

So obvious that Laughing Bird was totally different from the shows we usually have here.

Lots of action and fun.

As people were leaving, I heard repeatedly:

'You ARE going to have them back, aren't you?!'" Bonnie Newboles, Bentsen Grove, Mission, Texas

"Refreshing, delightful, high-energy,


Our folks loved them!" Sherry Arnold,

Palmdale RV Resort,

San Benito, Texas

"Great family show.

Our park wants them back!"

Lois and Andy Anderson, Alamo Palms RV Resort, Alamo, TX

"We've had some great shows this year, but I heard several people saying

Laughing Bird was the best show yet.

I agree!"

Pat Justman, Sunshine Weslaco, Texas

"We loved the enthusiasm and high energy and are looking forward to Laughing Bird's return. They earned really high ratings in all categories of our evaluation sheet. We loved Tupelo and Janey's attitude . . . they are genuine, not pretentious. We had a good crowd for Laughing Bird's first concert because of curiosity but once word-of-mouth spreads, next time there will be ten times as many people. We heard from our residents many times, 'You WILL bring them back, won't you?'" Luanne Kalas, Event Coordinator, Fun-n-Sun Resort (Largest in the Rio Grande Valley), San Benito, TX

"Original show

with lots of energy!

Those present wanted

to see them again.

We re-scheduled


Jane Abbas,

Morningside RV Resort,

San Juan, Texas

"Great presentation!

Laughing Bird kept the audience involved

and laughing throughout the show.

Their original songs are really different -

entertaining AND with meaning.

Everyone kept coming up to me after the show saying,

'You ARE booking them again, aren't you?'


Best response we've had this year.

They're a keeper." - Dave Cole,

Trophy Gardens, Mission, TX




from other shows in the Valley.

Tupelo and Janey complement one another very well." Pierette Quintal, Canyon Lake RV Resort, Mission, TX

"You saved the best for last!" "You WILL invite them back next year, won't you?" "I had so much fun!" These were a taste of the comments I got as the crowd filed out of Laughing Bird's performance.

The answer is that they have been invited to return next year -- and we won't give away Janey's secret!

As an Activities Director, I was impressed with the comfortable, casual atmosphere they projected.

There was great interaction with the audience, who seem to be drawn into the act and become a part of it. The music and lyrics were fresh and new to us and greatly appreciated. We look forward to their return. Elizabeth Litwiller, Isla Blanca RV Park, S. Padre Island, Texas

Come relax with us, laugh with us, and enjoy the way Laughing Bird makes you feel.

Good Tunes . . . Good Times! Music . . . Laughter . . . Fun!

Tupelo and Janey Kenyon, PO Box 25, Story, WY 82842, 307-683-3451, 307-752-7090,

Comments from Activities Directors

of RV Resorts about the

The best show ever! It was great, everyone loved it. Funny, hilarious. Thank you. - Harlean McCarthy, Desert Paradise Resort, Yuma, AZ

Laughing Bird

"What a fun time we had with Laughing Bird. Great talent! Wonderful variety of music. Fun songs. Great energy. Get them back." - Faith Drabbe, Islander RV Resort, Lake Havasu, AZ

Music and Comedy


"Fantastic, original music calms, laughter heals...enjoyment all the way through. We've been here ten years, and this was the very best concert ever!" - Carlena and Don Shove, Yuma Lakes Resort, Yuma, AZ

The music is great, but the comedy really makes this show shine. I highly recommend this high-energy, fun-filled show! Lots of laughs and a really good time. - Carol Archdeacon, Pueblo El Mirage Resort, AZ

"Great musicians. Different ... not the same old thing. They really shake it up! That woman does things with spoons that I've never seen before. And, Tupelo can play guitar like no other. Great evening of SUPER entertainment!" - Kym S. Christopherson, Sunrise RV Resort, Apache Junction, AZ

"We enjoyed this show - it gives you so much energy. Tupelo and Janey have so much to offer and it's just plain FUN!" - Alva Robinson, Florence Gardens Resort, Florence, AZ

"Rarely does this combination of talent, musicianship, and energy come along. It was our extreme good fortune to spend the evening with Laughing Bird. Our residents laughed, listened, clapped and cheered - the evening flew by. Five stars, many thumbs up to Janey and Tupelo Kenyon!" - Pat Rapple, Sun Life RV Resort, Mesa AZ

"Energetic, original - a fun evening - a great couple who also happen to be great entertainers. You'll love having them at your park." - Mona McIvenna, Las Quintas Oasis RV Park, Yuma, AZ

"Laughing Bird provided us with a wonderful evening. Music was great, humor was most enjoyable, lots of energy, kept everyone smiling and their toes tapping. Nice change from country western fare." - Joyce Ann and Glen Howard, Rincon Country East RV Resort, Tucson, AZ

"Laughing Bird was a big hit at our park. The energy and the joy was contagious, and I look forward to their next performance here." - Aurel Wood, Mesa Dunes RV Resort, Mesa, AZ

"We had Tupelo and Janey for our 'Welcome Back Dinner' and packed in close to 300 people. So many people commented on how good they are, and to be sure and have them back. They have such a good rapport with the audience, and have such a lively mix of songs and humor. I would recommend Laughing Bird to any resort." - Bill Riggle, Far Horizons RV Resort, Tucson, AZ

The most awesome show this year! Funnier than expected, plus the serious songs touched many. Refreshing entertainment - wholesome, funny and friendly. We look forward to being in their audience again. - Al and Sue Palmer, Shangri-La Resort, Yuma, AZ

"Held my interest, had me laughing, and enjoyed the original music. A great show and worth much more than the entry fee. Talent galore and we all enjoyed all of it!" - Carlena Shove, Yuma Lakes RV Park, Yuma, AZ

"Very talented couple- sings and presents the songs with a tremendous amount of energy. I would highly recommend their show. It was extremely well received and enjoyed by our residents." - Elaine Stauffer, Desert Shadows RV Resort, Phoenix, AZ

"Absolutely wonderful! They really get the crowd involved. Everyone enjoyed Tupelo and Janey. They have a unique style and it is refreshing to see someone who really loves and enjoys what they are doing. I would recommend them to anyone. You would not be disappointed!" - Lupe Seeton, Viewpoint RV Resort, Mesa, AZ

What a joy to have! Energy abounds. Take a chance - have them. You won't regret it. - Mary Lee Cole, Golden Sun Resort, Apache Junction, AZ

"A great, vibrant show - one you won't want to miss." - LaVerne Cross, Pioneer Park, Phoenix, AZ

Come relax with us, laugh with us, and enjoy the way Laughing Bird makes you feel.

Good Tunes . . . Good Times! Music . . . Laughter . . . Fun!

Tupelo and Janey Kenyon, PO Box 25, Story, WY 82842, 307-683-3451, 307-752-7090,

Comments from Activities Directors

of RV Resorts about the

"As we stood at the door after the Laughing Bird show, thanking people for coming, we enjoyed the enthusiastic comments and were told, "Have Tupelo and Janey back next year!" Several people who reside at this park every year said it was the best show they had attended. One long-term resident said it was the best show in 11 years! We noticed the audience was very responsive." - Richard and Lois Allen, Caliente Springs RV Resort, Desert Hot Springs, CA

Laughing Bird

"This is one of the best shows we've ever had! Everyone just loved them. It was most enjoyable." - Madeline Kingston, Catalina Spa Resort, Desert Hot Springs, CA

Music and Comedy


"Loved the high energy

and original material.

The variety was inspiring.

Personality galore!

We hope Laughing Bird will return."

- Irene Nadain, Fountain of Youth Resort, Niland, CA

"After 6 years in parks and seeing some great entertainment, Laughing Bird is one of the very best. A must-see, do not miss this show!" - Adell Gulsvig, Desert Pools Resort, Desert Hot Springs, CA

"A great show for individuals of all ages. Lots of fun and laughter enjoyed by everyone attending. Songs written by Tupelo were very original and entertaining. Janey 'wowed' the whole crowd with her energy, clever personality, and playing the spoons. It all added up to more than any of our group had experienced." - Phyllis Silvis and Pat Oldfather, Rivers Edge RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA

"The show was so

creative and fast-paced.

Tupelo and Janey's

chemistry was energizing and enjoyable.

Their songs were poinant, humorous, and powerful."

- Kathy Cooper,

Caliente Springs Resort, Desert Hot Springs, CA

"What fun! High energy! Relates really well with the audience. Looks great, sounds great - will definitely have them back!" - Laura Hittner, Sky Valley Resort, Desert Hot Springs, CA

"A very enjoyable show. Better than we expected. Well worth the money." - Jim Stewart, Happy Wanderer, Indio, CA

"What a great show! These guys have such energy, we must have Laughing Bird back. I can't remember

ever laughing so much!" - Marilyn Hardin,

Desert Shadows Resort, Cathedral City, CA

"Wow, what a fantastic show! We have a hard-to-please clientele, but they all stayed for the whole show - laughing and clapping through it all. Many, many wonderful comments from our residents. We will definitely have them back! Highly recommended." - Pattee Lacy, Outdoor Resort, Palm Springs, CA (Voted #1 RV Resort in the nation by 'Trailer Life' magazine in 2004.)

Come relax with us, laugh with us, and enjoy the way Laughing Bird makes you feel.

Good Tunes . . . Good Times! Music . . . Laughter . . . Fun!

Tupelo and Janey Kenyon, PO Box 25, Story, WY 82842, 307-683-3451, 307-752-7090,

Comments from Activities Directors

of RV Resorts about the

Laughing Bird

"Super show, super showmanship! Full of delightful surprises. Very energetic and eager to please. Don't miss this high-energy entertainment." - Kim Retter, Buttonwood Bay RV Resort, Sebring, FL

"Very well received. I've had numerous requests to have them return. Everyone had a fun, relaxing and entertaining evening with lots of laughter. Tupelo and Janey made me a hero with my community when I hired them." - Myrna Carlson, Upriver RV Resort, North Fort Myers, FL

Music and Comedy


"A Class Act!

Laughing Bird is

great - entertainment at its best.

A lot of laughs, jokes, comedy, and really good music. Everyone should have an opportunity to see this show." - Jean and Charles Gerrasi, Don Teskey, Sanlan Ranch,

Lakeland, FL

"An evening we will never forget. Very entertaining! Yes, we will have them back." - Jo Maniaci, Raintree RV Resort, N. Ft. Myers, FL

"Laughing Bird hit a home run with our group. We highly recommend them and would be pleased to invite them back."

- Nancy Mantyla,

Gulf Waters RV Resort, Ft. Meyers, FL

"Once again, Tupelo and Janey put on a great show for our guests! Their enthusiastic approach to their music (and their audience) was very well received and appreciated. Several of our guests made it a point to tell me how much they enjoyed the music and are already looking forward to Laughing Bird's show next year. They would be a great addition to any activities program!" - Lynn Rachels, Fiesta Key KOA, Long Key, FL

"Enthusiastic, vivacious, engaging,

fun-loving LIVE entertainment.

Wonderful! So refreshing to hear

something different!" - Jude Vardamis, River Bend Mororcoach Resort, Alva, FL

"Laughing Bird's show was great! I recommend this show to everyone." - Mary Jordan, Aruba RV Resort, Lakeport, FL

"Terrific show - Laughing Bird is a must-see the next time they tour Florida."

- Mavis Scrivens,

Reflections on Silver Lake, Avon Park, FL

"To anyone interested in hiring the very best:

Laughing Bird performed twice to audiences of 1200 plus,

during our national Holiday Rambler RV Rally in Orlando, Florida.

A very fast paced program, performed by Tupelo and Janey Kenyon,

two very talented entertainers. Both relate with charisma and enthusiasm

and the audience loved them. They receive rave reviews everywhere they perform

and I would recommend them for any engagement." - John Hardy,

Rally Coordinator, Holiday Rambler RV Club, Orlando, FL

Come relax with us, laugh with us, and enjoy the way Laughing Bird makes you feel.

Good Tunes . . . Good Times! Music . . . Laughter . . . Fun!

Tupelo and Janey Kenyon, PO Box 25, Story, WY 82842, 307-683-3451, 307-752-7090,